Professor Yamirka Rojas-Agramonte’s main line of research includes the geochronology of rocks and minerals, with special emphasis (but not limited to) on zircon U-Pb (SHRIMP) geochronology, as well as U-Pb dating (LA- ICP-MS) of detrital zircons to determine their origin. She is interested as well in the study and evolution of contrasting orogens (e.g. Caribbean, the Central Asian Orogen Belt, CAOB) and on the evolution of the continental crust. Professor Rojas-Agramonte has experience in combining various methods such as geochronology, geochemistry and detailed structural/regional geology. This has allowed her to unravel the geological history of several regions around the world. She has participated in approximately twenty international research projects in different countries, including Sri Lanka, Mongolia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Namibia, South Africa, Ecuador (Galápagos), Cuba, Grenada, and Portugal (Madeira).



Universidad de los Andes
Departamento de Geociencias
Bogotá (Colombia)
Tel: (+57)133949497